BJ’s Standout Reads June 2020

BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person.North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person  I started this one on a Thursday and finished it on Saturday. Give me a memoir about someone’s messed up childhood and say goodbye for me for 2 days.  Cea Person describes her childhood growing up off grid in the Canadian wilderness after her grandfather has advocated for wilderness living for years.  But that’s not the weird part.  Her family believes in free love, her mom is constantly high, and all she wants is a normal life.  But the problem is Dad is not in the picture and Mom jumps from guy to guy, and let’s just say these guys aren’t exactly upstanding citizens.  Cea has to figure out how to establish her own normal in a very chaotic life with people who have no interest in living in a house and getting a job.  She struggles through her childhood periodically attending schools with other kids who live in a house and whose parents have actual jobs.  A fascinating read.

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added on 07.08.20

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