My Night with Lindsey Stirling

I wasn’t such a big Lindsey Stirling fan.  Todd discovered her on Pandora, and I watched a few of her YouTubes and listened to a few of her songs.  “Yeah, she’s talented, but I don’t think I could listen to that much violin paired with electronica” I would say.

Then I saw that she was coming to Providence.  Tickets were a reasonable $60 per person.  I said “why not?” and bought tickets.  I sent Todd a calendar invite via Outlook which read “SURPRISE!  You’re going to see Lindsey Stirling!” 

Carah Faye opened up for her.  Her voice was familiar, I googled her during the intermission and saw that she’d done a cover to Peter Shillings’ Major Tom with her band Shiny Toy Guns.

Then Lindsey Stirling took the stage.  Imagine if you will a woman with moves like Beyonce or Madonna, commanding the stage like an 80s metal guitar god, pirouetting and effortlessly leaping all over the stage.  But here’s the catch.  While she’s doing all that, she’s got a violin tucked under her chin, and she is shredding on that thing to the point where I was surprised it didn’t catch fire.  She didn’t miss a note.  The melody flowed seamlessly from her bow, even when she played while deep into a back bend. 

If I had to describe her in a few words, I’d call her a badass violinist ballerina.

Thanks Lindsey Stirling for an amazing night, I hope your tour is fabulous.

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added on 07.22.16

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