Saving Daylight

“This is BS,” Todd said on Sunday morning.  “What if we just don’t change our clocks?”

“What do you mean?  Then we won’t be in synch with the rest of our world.  We’ll be early to everything and be completely screwed up.”

“But what if I don’t change my clock?  Think about it.  I’ll get to work an hour early.  I could get so much done.  When I leave the office it’ll still be light out in my world.  I could get home an hour earlier and spend time with you.”

“But what about your clients?  Won’t you have to always remember you’re an hour off?  For the next four months?  Won’t that completely screw you up?”

I question the need for Daylight Saving time.  I saw some meme on Facebook the other day about how DST is like cutting a foot off the bottom of a blanket, sewing it to the top and then insisting that the blanket is longer.  And it’s true.  What makes days longer is when your half of the earth gets tilted toward the sun, right?

But I think what’s more interesting is my husband’s reaction to it.  He changed his computer at work back to what it was before Sunday.  Last night he was home just after 5, perfectly on time for us to eat something and chill for a bit before we went to the Rec Center for Monday night volleyball.  Which is awesome!  I love that he got home earlier. 

But I wonder how much longer he can keep it up, a lone wolf living in a world that happens an hour before it happens for everyone else.  Will he end up giving in and changing his clock to align with everyone else, or will he resist the peer pressure and stand alone.

I am not subscribing the the lone wolf DST lifestyle.  The clocks in the house have all fallen backward.  I don’t think I could do the lone wolfing.  I would spend the next four months doing this:

Is Daylight Savings Time Relevant?

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added on 11.03.15

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