3 Fantastically Awesome Books BJ Thinks You Need to Read: February 2024

BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed Storyteller by Dave GrohlThe Storyteller by Dave Grohl  This wasn’t a linear memoir of Dave Grohl’s life, but more like a collection of stories from different points in his life.  And it was amazing.  He’s funny, he’s real, he talks about Joan Jett hanging out in her pajamas in his house reading his kids bed time stories.  Absolutely LOVED this one. 

BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed The Last by Hanna JamesonThe Last by Hanna Jameson  Whoa, this one was super interesting. You ever read a post apocalyptic story and wonder how it got to that point?  This book tells you how it happens.  Jon, the main character, is attending a conference in Switzerland when nuclear bombs destroy other cities around the world.  Jon and a few dozen people stay in the hotel and try to figure out what to do next what with a dwindling supply of food and then they learn there’s another group of people living in the woods who perhaps aren’t exactly friendly.  Jon is documenting everything that happens when he finds a young girl dead in the water tank on the roof.  So he distracts himself with trying to solve the mystery of who the little girl was and who killed her. 

BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed From Cradle to Stage by Virginia GrohlFrom Cradle to Stage by Virginia Grohl   Virginia Grohl is Dave Grohl’s mom.  And she wanted to meet other mothers of famous musicians, so she set out to interview moms of famous musicians including the moms of Michael Stipe, Geddy Lee, Dr. Dre, Miranda Lambert, etc.  It was SUPER interesting.  Go Mama Grohl!


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added on 03.15.24

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