BJ’s Standout Reads, April 2018

I was absolutely fascinated with these books I read in April, and I hope you will be too.

BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly MadisonDown the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison

I admit that the whole Playboy franchise hasn’t been on my radar screen at all.  I never watched their reality show Girls Next Door, I never really looked at the magazine other than when I was in college and my guy friends had copies of it laying around.  I remember seeing Shannen Doherty’s spread, she was ghostly pale with a dove perched on each of her knees, which I thought was a very odd choice.  But I thought of life in the Playboy Mansion as kind of like being in a cult, and dove right in to Holly Madison’s book.  And the way she described life in the mansion was much like being in a cult.  There were curfews and rules to be followed, sex rituals, and an expectation to adore the cult leader, Hugh Heffner.  If you’ve been dying to be a fly on a wall in the Playboy Mansion, this is a must read.


BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed He Said She Said by Erin KellyHe Said She Said by Erin Kelly

This one had me confused at the beginning, I will admit.  I felt like I started somewhere in the middle of the story.  Laura’s husband Kit is leaving for a trip to go view an eclipse.  She’s pregnant and she’s worried that he’s going to bump into a woman named Beth.  Over the early part of the book I learn that Laura and Kit changed their names, hid themselves from social media and from the world, all because of Beth.  As the story unfolds we learn why they are so afraid of Beth.  But is it really Beth they should be afraid of, or someone closer to them? 



I hope you enjoy my top reads from April!  I sure did!

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added on 04.24.18

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