Second Guessing

Let me tell you about an awesome book. It’s called Second Guessing, and it’s by Gail Ward Olmsted.  It is the sequel to her novel Guessing at Normal, which I also devoured and loved.

Guessing at Normal was the story of the romance between Jill and James.  Jill worked at a motel, James was a touring musician and they fell in love.  Jill ended up becoming his songwriter, in addition to his wife, and James became a multi mega rock star.  Throughout this story Jill has to exist in the spotlight with her husband and find a way to accept all his indiscretions along the way.

Second Guessing is the sequel to this story.  It’s years later, Jill is a 40 something widow and she’s organizing a tribute for her late husband.  She falls in love with the headline act, Ben Fein.  And here she is again her love life is in the spotlight.  Not only is she trying to figure out how to be in love again after losing her husband, but she’s doing it in the age of paparazzi, social media, and sites like TMZ.  Can she trust Ben when he goes on tour and is photographed with a gorgeous blonde?  Will the show go on when their relationship is out on page six for everyone to see?

Gail Ward Olmsted did an awesome job of capturing the foibles of falling in love to begin with.  That in itself is hard enough—getting to know a new person, figuring out how to incorporate them into your life and family.  But it’s way more difficult when the person you’re falling for is famous.  It’s also way more difficult when the man you’re falling for has a secret that you know nothing about.  And it’s even harder when that secret could end up endangering you.  I mean, I don’t want to give it away… but how insane is that? 

Gail Ward Olmsted feeds us just enough of the mystery of Ben’s past, and that keeps the pages turning as we’re dying to find out what is really going on with him. 

Long story short, I LOVED this book.  And I think you will too.  Grab your copy on Amazon today.



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added on 02.05.18

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