BJ’s Standout Reads December 2020

BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed Big Summer by Jennifer WeinerBig Summer by Jennifer Weiner I loved this one. Daphne and Drue were best friends growing up.  But being friends with Drue always came with conditions.  Drue was the rich mean popular girl and Daphne was dying to be friends with her.  When they have a falling out Daphne is empowered to become an online plus size influencer.  She develops a large following when one day Drue asks her to be her maid of honor.  The night before the wedding Drue is found face down in the hot tub at their rental house.  The wedding weekend turns into a murder mystery at which everyone in a suspect.  Could it be the strange man that Daphne met at the rehearsal dinner and hooked up with?  





BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed The One by John MarrsThe One by John Marrs  Imagine if a dating site like Match or Eharmony matched love connections using DNA.  This story is about several different characters who were matched with other people based on DNA and in all cases the person they were matched with weren’t what they were expected.  Like one man, who was engaged to a woman, learned he was matched to a man.  Another woman, who is a detective, was matched to a man who is actually the serial killer she’s tracking.  This book was super interesting and well worth the read. 







BJ Knapp author of Beside the Music enjoyed Fast Girls by Elise Hooper Fast Girls by Elise Hooper  I loved this one.  It’s a novel based upon the actual first women to run in the 1932 and 1936 Olympics.  A fascinating read, and I love that Elise Hooper did a “where are they now” bit at the end.  An awesome read.








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