BJ’s Standout Reads February 2023

added on 02.28.23

This month I have historical fiction that takes place in one of my favorite places--Newport, RI, a romance, and a YA thriller.
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Arctic Circle Adventure Part 5

added on 02.12.23

In this entry we are heading home from Finland via Iceland. We had airline drama and the airport in Keflavik Iceland was like a sick ward with all the unmasked coughing people.
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Arctic Circle Adventure Part 4

added on 02.08.23

This was our last full day at the Kakslauttanen resort near Ivalo Finland. On this day we did a lot! We went snowmobiling, ice swimming, lounged in a smoke sauna and the highlight was driving a dog sled.
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Arctic Circle Adventure Part 3

added on 02.05.23

In this entry we traveled 180 miles north of the Arctic Circle to Ivalo Finland, where we went to the Kakslauttanen resort to sleep in a glass igloo. This was our first full day at Kakslauttanen and it was a literal dream come true.
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BJ’s Standout Reads January 2023

added on 02.01.23

While I read 8 books this month, I really only have 1 standout for this month. Normally I like to have more than that, but my aim is to tell you about which ones I think were the absolute best. So you only get 1.
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Arctic Circle Adventure Part 2

added on 02.01.23

This is part two of our Arctic Circle adventure we took in December 2022. In this part we explored Helsinki and then flew to Ivalo--180 miles of the Arctic Circle.
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Arctic Circle Adventure Part 1

added on 01.29.23

In December 2022 we embarked on an adventure for Todd's birthday, an Arctic Circle Adventure. It was a trip of a lifetime that involved sleeping in a glass igloo, driving a team of dogs, reindeer sled rides and so much more. In the next few entries I will tell you all about it.
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How I Became Invincible

added on 01.13.23

It's been forever since I wrote a blog post about an adventure I've been on. In December I went to Offshore Sailing School for a week and it was an experience I will never forget. The skills and confidence I picked up in this one week made it so worthwhile.
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My 2022 Reading Log

added on 01.10.23

Here it is, the good, the great, the lousy and the mediocre. This is every book I have finished in 2022, 75 books and 27,615 pages read.
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BJ’s Best of 2022

added on 01.07.23

Here are my favorite reads from this year! Check them all out they are AWESOME.
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BJ’s Standout Reads December 2022

added on 01.06.23

This month I have a pandemic story, which I haven't read any COVID pandemic stories yet, a thriller, and a teen murder story.
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BJ’s Standout Reads November 2022

added on 12.10.22

This month I have 2 thrillers that'll be perfect to read when you have down time over Christmas vacation. And they both have cults in them. So yay for cults!
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I’ll See You on the Dark Side of the Rainbow

added on 11.15.22

Do you remember hearing about this? If you play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon while watching Wizard of Oz with the sound turned down the music will sync to the action in the movie. Well, I tried it.
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Bonus Standout Read: Miranda Writes by Gail Ward Olmsted

added on 11.07.22

I've gotten pretty into the author Gail Ward Olmsted. She has really flexed her muscles in the last few books. Here's her new one, Miranda Writes
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BJ’s Standout Reads October 2022

added on 11.04.22

This month I have a legal drama and two murder mysteries.
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BJ’s Standout Reads September 2022

added on 11.02.22

I'm gonna be honest, normally I try to have 3 standout reads each month. While I read a half dozen books this month, only 1 jumped out as a standout read. It's a thriller and booooooy it was a doozy!
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What I Read on Summer Vacation August 2022

added on 09.07.22

Here's everything I read during my annual sailing summer sailing vacation. I've got memoirs and thrillers galore!
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BJ’s Standout Reads July 2022

added on 08.16.22

I've got 2 by Jodi Picoult that stood out this month.
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BJ’s Standout Reads June 2022

added on 07.11.22

This month I have a story about a born and raised con artist, a story about a mass shooting and a thriller.
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BJs Standout Reads April 2022

added on 05.06.22

This month I have my favorite historical novel of all time as well as a thriller.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: March 2022

added on 04.06.22

This month has 2 thrillers and one I can't really describe.
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BJs Standout Reads February 2022

added on 03.30.22

For February I recommend 2 thrillers and a historical novel.
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The Time My Dad Almost Got Arrested at the Air Show

added on 02.14.22

In honor of my Dad's recent passing, a funny story about when we thought he was going to get arrested at the air show.
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BJ’s Standout Reads January 2022

added on 02.14.22

An awesome start to my reading year. This month I have a multigenerational story about a famous family and a famous California wildfire. Then I have a young feminist story about a girl in high school whose eyes get ripped open by a really awful teacher.
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BJ’s Reading Journal from 2021

added on 01.21.22

Here's the complete list of everything I read in 2021. For 2021 I have read 69 books and a total of 23,551 pages.
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BJ’s Best Reads of 2021

added on 01.20.22

Every month I put out a blog post about my favorite books from that month. Now I have narrowed it down even more, here are my top 12 reads from 2021. Hope you get some reading inspiration.
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BJ’s Standout Reads December 2021

added on 01.11.22

This month I have a book about 1960s race relations, a thriller, and a coming of age story.
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Fa La La La Puuuuuuuuke

added on 01.11.22

The first Christmas Todd and I ever spent together was... um.... gross.
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BJs Standout Reads November 2021

added on 12.29.21

This month I have YA, a thriller and a comedy. Check it out!
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BJ’s Standout Reads October 2021

added on 11.03.21

This month I have a courtroom drama between two sisters and a drama about race and mom shaming in the 90s.
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Everything I Learned About Life I Learned From Potter

added on 10.23.21

On September 17 we lost our dog in a very sudden and very tragic accident. I am still reeling even though it's been over a month. Here are all the life lessons I learned from Potter.
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BJ’s Standout Reads September 2021

added on 10.21.21

This month I have historical fiction and a good ol juicy thriller.
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BJ’s Standout Reads August 2021

added on 09.07.21

This month I have a thriller, historical fiction, and a novel loosely based on a memoir.
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Mysterious Cheeseburgers and Andes Candies

added on 08.29.21

My husband has had a few dental surgery procedures. He looks and acts totally normal when he's coming out of anesthesia. The kicker is, he is NOT AT ALL with it, and I stupidly fall for it every single time.
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BJ’s Standout Reads July 2021

added on 08.25.21

This month I bring you a memoir about an undocumented citizen, a historical account of a grandmother, and a thriller. July was a banner month for reading!
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Get a Puppy, They Said. It’ll Be Fun

added on 07.15.21

Having a puppy is fun. Most of the time. This morning? Not so much.
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BJ’s Standout Reads June 2021

added on 07.09.21

This month I've got 2 thrillers for you. Great for reading on the beach.
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BJ’s Standout Reads May 2021

added on 06.08.21

This month I have 2 memoirs--one by a father of a meth addict and the other by an innocent man on Alabama's death row. The third is a book about a woman whose romantic partner was behind a massive Ponzi scheme.
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Why I’m Standing On My Front Lawn in the Middle of the Night

added on 06.02.21

Introducing our new lemon beagle, Phin!
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BJ’s Standout Reads April 2021

added on 05.11.21

I only have one standout read for April. I feel like in April I didn't finish a lot of books, and I only include books that I actually finish. But the one I have was super interesting, a thriller, and I was obsessed with it.
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BJ’s Standout Reads March 2021

added on 05.11.21

I am a little late with my March reads. Sorry! At any rate this month I have some interesting picks from March: a thriller and one about a reality show contestant.
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The Closing From Hell

added on 03.29.21

March 28, 2008 when we bought our current house. And the closing was beyond awkward and downright scary. Here's the story.
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It All Happened on North River Street

added on 03.24.21

A building where I spent much of my childhood burned down. Looking at it brought back so many memories of my early childhood. The life we built around this building shaped so much of who I am today.
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BJ’s Standout Reads February 2021

added on 03.03.21

This month I have a controversial tale about Mexican migrants and a thriller/mystery.
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BJ’s 2020 Reading Journal

added on 01.13.21

Here it is! Every single book I read in 2020. I read 71 books for a total of 25,146 pages.
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BJ’s Top Reads from 2020

added on 01.08.21

Here is my favorite book I read for every month in 2020!
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BJ’s Standout Reads December 2020

added on 01.05.21

This month I've got a murder mystery, a thriller about a dating service that matches based on DNA, and historical novel about the first American women to run in the Olympics.
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BJ’s Standout Reads November 2020

added on 12.14.20

This month I have one book that inspired me, another that made me wonder where I'll be 5 years from now and another one that seriously pissed me off.
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BJs Standout Reads October 2020

added on 11.06.20

October was a doozy for good books. This month I have a memoir by an addict, a story about Guatemalan migrants trying to get to the US and a super weird roommate situation.
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The Day I Broke My Brain

added on 10.19.20

Four weeks ago I got into an accident on my electric scooter and ended up with a scraped up face and a concussion. Here's what happened, at least what I can actually remember.
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BJ’s Standout Reads September 2020

added on 10.06.20

This month I have a book that can only be described as Handmaid's Tale meets Lord of the Flies, a story about racism in the 70s in Missouri, and lastly a light family drama.
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BJ’s Standout Reads August 2020

added on 09.14.20

In August I read 6 books, but only 2 qualify as a standout. I have a love triangle with a twist, and a thriller as my picks for August.
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Summer Vacation Reads 2020

added on 08.14.20

Instead of the normal 2 week sailing trip, life only made 1 week possible. Which is fine, I still managed to read 5 books in a week. Here's what I read on my summer vacation.
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Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned from a Beagle

added on 08.12.20

Last month we said goodbye to our beagle, Nemo. He was 16 years, 9 months and 2 weeks. He lived a full life with impact. I'd like to impart to you with some beagle wisdom.
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BJ’s Standout Reads July 2020

added on 08.10.20

I'm a little late on getting this out to you. But I've got some good ones this month. I've got historical fiction, and a memoir by a friend of Anna Delvey.
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BJ’s Standout Reads June 2020

added on 07.08.20

I only read 5 books in June, and only had one that really stood out as an awesome read. This month I have a memoir about an incredibly insane childhood.
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Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

added on 06.17.20

How do you know when it's the right time to say goodbye to your dog. So many people say that they will tell you when they're ready to go. But, how will I know for sure?
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BJ;s Standout Reads: May 2020

added on 06.10.20

May 2020 was a weird reading month for me. I started a lot of books that I didn't end up finishing. I never report on books I didn't finish, because I don't think that's fair to the author. I stop reading for a variety of reasons, but usually it's because I wasn't interested. So I only read 3 books in May, and so I only really have 1 that really stood out. And man, it was AWESOME!
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It’s Weird, Isn’t It?

added on 06.02.20

Pandemic life is super weird, isn't it?
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BJ’s Standout Reads March 2020

added on 04.14.20

This month I have transgender fiction, a thriller, and I am not sure what to call it.... maybe another thriller?
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BJ’s Standout Reads February 2020

added on 03.26.20

This month I have a thriller and a mystery. Check em out!
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Going Off the Rails on a Crazy Train

added on 02.03.20

Todd and I went on a whirlwind weekend adventure. We took a train to NYC on Friday night, did NYC on Saturday, and then a train to Philly on Saturday night so we could do Philly on Sunday. Awesome trip, read all about it here.
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BJ’s Standout Reads January 2020

added on 01.31.20

This month I have 2 historical stories about crappy boarding schools in the 1950s-60s and a true story about extreme kindness and generosity on the worst day in American history, September 11, 2001.
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2019 Reading Journal

added on 01.01.20

In 2019 I read 92 books, and a total of 32,059 pages. Here's my entire reading journal for the year.
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BJ’s Top Reads for 2019

added on 12.31.19

Here are my faves that I've read in 2019. Let's fatten up your TBR list for 2020 with these
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BJ’s Standout Reads December 2019

added on 12.31.19

This month I have a comedy and 2 thrillers that I could not put down. One of them I read in 2 days.
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I Didn’t Have What It Takes to Be a Winner

added on 12.15.19

A funny story about a scam I was almost caught up in.
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BJ’s Standout Reads November 2019

added on 12.10.19

This month I have historical fiction about former Cosmopolitan magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown, another historical fiction about women during World War II and then I have a unique story about a newly deceased mother trying to make things right for her family from the beyond.
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I Tried the Toothpaste Tablets, Here’s How It Went

added on 12.09.19

I got a little obsessed with the idea of finding a less polluting alternative to toothpaste. Here's what I learned.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: October 2019

added on 11.13.19

In October I read a fascinating memoir about a woman and her baby trying to ascend from homelessness, as well as a jump into February vacation 1984 as told from a 12 year old boy's perspective.
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That Time I Went to a Korean Spa

added on 10.18.19

This should also be titled the time I got naked in front of my mother in law.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: September 2019

added on 09.30.19

This month I have a memoir by an attorney representing the plantiffs after The Station Nightclub fire, a coming of age story, and a story of jilted love.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: August 2019

added on 09.03.19

This month we have 2 thrillers that kept me swiping the pages and wearing down the battery on my tablet.
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The Big Sailing Trip Part VI

added on 08.26.19

This is the last installment of the big sailing trip we took from Fort Lauderdale to Rhode Island. In this installment we hung out on Block Island for the 4th. I almost crashed a moped into an oncoming van. But we also ran into some more friends on the island--so it totally balanced out.
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The Big Sailing Trip Part V

added on 08.20.19

In this installment we did Atlantic City, battled a swarm of flies, lost steering again and headed out to Block Island.
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The Big Sailing Trip Part IV

added on 08.09.19

This leg of the trip started in Beaufort, NC and ended up in Atlantic City, NJ. This leg features a pink eye scare and a call to the doctor.
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The Big Sailing Trip Part III

added on 08.02.19

This installment brings us from Charleston, SC to Beaufort, NC. We had to make our one and only call to our on call doctor, and bumped into an old friend.
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The Big Sailing Trip Part II

added on 07.29.19

In this leg of the adventure we left Fort Lauderdale and did our first foray in overnight 24/7 sailing all the way to Charleston, SC.
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The Big Sailing Trip Part I

added on 07.17.19

Todd and I recently set out on an epic sailing trip totalling 1,213 miles from Fort Lauderdale to Rhode Island. Here are the first few days of the trip--in these days we didn't leave the dock due to some unforeseen technical glitches.
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What I Read on Summer Vacation 2019

added on 07.10.19

This year was an offshore sailing trip from Fort Lauderdale to Rhode Island. We traveled a total of 1,213 miles and I read a total of 10 books in that time.
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added on 06.14.19

I am embarking on a very long boat trip, 1,100 miles to be exact. Here's what goes into taking a trip that long.
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My Night with the Barenaked Ladies

added on 06.11.19

Then there was that night I sang with the Barenaked Ladies.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: May 2019

added on 05.30.19

This month I have a story about pledging a sorority, a memoir by a Jewish woman who hid in plain sight in Germany during World War II and a delicious novel by Liane Moriarity.
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Dear Governor Ivey

added on 05.24.19

I am appalled by the new legislation in Alabama. I wrote a letter to Governor Ivey, a woman who voted to restrict the rights of women in her state, and sent her a box of wire coat hangers. Here is my letter.
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When Andrea Went Missing

added on 05.01.19

In college I had a roommate who had gone missing. And I still don't know where she went that day.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: April 2019

added on 04.22.19

This month I have a crazy thriller, a book about improving your people skills and a novel about a woman who lost her memory. Mixed bag, but it's all good!
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In a Past Life I Was a Lighthouse Keeper

added on 04.17.19

I am not sure whether I believe in past lives or not. I mean, it's something we all joke about. But a recurring dream and a visit to a lighthouse makes me wonder whether I have a past life and whether I was a lighthouse keeper in that life.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: March 2019

added on 03.29.19

This month I've got 2 WWII themed books and a memoir about a woman caring for her brain injured sister.
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Secret Facts about 80s Rock Stars

added on 03.19.19

I am a rock star memoir junkie. Here are the secret facts I've learned about 80s rockers.
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My Mom the School Bus Driver

added on 03.05.19

Remembering Mom on what would have been her 82nd birthday. I miss you every day, Mom.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: February 2019

added on 02.25.19

This month I have a few thrillers and a story about a family that moved to wilderness Alaska in the 70s. Overall, a great month of reading, check it out here.
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The Last Roll of Film

added on 02.15.19

I recently developed a roll of film that had been sitting in a camera for about a decade. It was better than opening Al Capone's vault.
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Fired Like a Clay Pot

added on 02.11.19

Early in my day job career I got fired. I was so embarrassed. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to look like a loser. But my biggest professional regret came the day after I got fired.
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On Becoming a Complete Polish Woman

added on 01.26.19

Being Polish is more than a punch line to a joke. It's about learning to make pierogi.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: January 2019

added on 01.26.19

I've got 3 I want you to check out this month. One is a memoir by Sue Klebold, the other is a more serious piece by the hilarious Jen Lancaster, and then the last one is a a very original story about a boy who is allergic to electricity.
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The Girl in the Boating Supply Store

added on 01.06.19

Most of my hobbies are "male dominated." As a result I have oddly sexist experiences when shopping for parts in boating supply stores.
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In 2018 I Read 82 Books-27,245 Pages

added on 01.02.19

Here's the list of everything I read in 2018. Looking for things to read? Check out this list.
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BJ’s Top Reads from 2018

added on 12.31.18

Every month I've been telling you about my favorite books I've read. Here's a roundup of my favorites from the entire year. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: December 2018

added on 12.28.18

December is a busy time. But not too busy to read. I read a murder mystery and a gripping tale about the issue of race in America. Check em out!
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The Suite Life of BJ Knapp

added on 11.30.18

Looking out the window from the 26th floor of the Mohegan Sun Casino, I remember the time we visited this casino by boat. One of my favorite adventures ever.
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