Second Guessing

added on 02.05.18

Book recommendation: Second Guessing by Gail Ward Olmsted. If you're looking for a rock star romance with a bit of mystery and a page turner, check this out.
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The Ghosts of Savannah

added on 02.01.18

Todd and I drove to Florida. We took 4 days to cover a distance that would normally be done in 20-something hours. We had a blast exploring the ghost ridden streets of Savannah, Georgia.
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BJ’s Standout Reads Jan 2018

added on 01.31.18

Here are my faves from January, including one from my pal Gail Ward Olmsted.
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My Trip Down Pneumonia Lane

added on 01.15.18

I don't understand how people can possibly function with walking pneumonia. I had it once, and I literally could not deal with anything. Here's my story of traveling to Seattle and getting diagnosed with walking pneumonia.
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Writer’s Digest 25th Annual Self Published Book Award

added on 01.09.18

While I didn't win the prize, the comments by the judge were pretty awesome. I am beyond honored!
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In 2017 I Read 27,562 Pages

added on 01.08.18

I love to read. Reading helps me to learn how to be a better writer, here's all that I read in 2017.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: December 2017

added on 12.27.17

Looking for something new to read, here's what I read in December.
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Songs from Uncle George’s Basement

added on 12.23.17

My Uncle George had this amazing vinyl collection in his basement. At Christmas time I always remember hanging out in his basement and listening to these gems.
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Epic Cake Fail

added on 12.21.17

I tried to make a fancy cake for Todd for his birthday. It was supposed to look like a hedgehog. Supposed to.
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Let’s Talk About All the Times I Hit a Deer

added on 12.04.17

Hitting a deer with your car is inconvenient, gross, and a complete bummer.
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The Kindness of Strangers: A Thanksgiving Miracle

added on 11.26.17

There was that time when we were driving to Vermont for Thanksgiving, when the car died and we had the surprising good fortune of the kindness of strangers.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: November 2017

added on 11.17.17

Here are my top 3 reads from November 2017.
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I Am a Freak Magnet

added on 11.13.17

I am generally friendly. I even offer candy to strangers. But sometimes I swear people see the sign written on my forehead that says "Approach me and tell me your deepest, darkest and craziest."
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So, How Much of the Story is True?

added on 11.06.17

I get asked all the time how much of me, my life and the people in my life found their way in to Beside the Music.
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My First Time Trick or Treating—I was 12

added on 10.30.17

I went trick or treating for the first time when I was 12. I didn't realize it wasn't customary to tour the richest lady in town's mansion when you trick or treated at her house.
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Symphony Not So Fantastique

added on 10.23.17

I had my own Julia Roberts Sleeping with the Enemy moment when the Barenaked Ladies started randomly playing when I was home alone and in the shower.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: October 2017

added on 10.19.17

Here are my top three I've read for October. Go check these out, they were awesome!
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When a Drama Queen is a 73 lb Male Chesapeake Bay Retriever

added on 10.16.17

Meet Potter, my 73 lb Chessie drama queen.
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The Last Dot Com Job

added on 10.09.17

Early in the day job career I was a Dot Commer. This was my last go at a Dot Com before the bubble burst. Reading this, you'll know why it burst.
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Did Stephen King Actually Have a Rabid and Murderous Dog?

added on 10.02.17

What happens when a group of readers makes up a story about the author of a novel, based upon novel. And what happens if it's untrue and they spread that story anyway? Asking for a friend.
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To NaNo or Not To NaNo: That is the Question

added on 09.25.17

Should I do NaNoWriMo this year?
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My Reading at the Elephant Room

added on 09.18.17

On August 31st I was fortunate enough to participate in a reading at The Elephant Room in Cranston, RI. Pics and video in this blog entry.
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BJ’s Standout Reads: September 15, 2017

added on 09.15.17

I read a lot. Here are the top 3 I've read recently.
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Where I Was

added on 09.11.17

We used to ask back then "Where were you when the 9/11 attack happened." This is where I was.
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The Girl on the Bike with the Dog

added on 08.28.17

When I was 8 I had a paper route? Can you imagine letting an 8 year old on her bike go down the street and deliver a newspaper to drug dealers?
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Restoring Dying Coral

added on 08.21.17

We volunteered at the Coral Restoration Foundation to help replant some endangered coral. Every diver should do this to fully appreciate the gorgeous reefs we love to explore, and give back to our underwater world.
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Shipwreck Diving: The Spiegel Grove

added on 08.14.17

The first day of our 2017 scuba vacation was spent diving in Key Largo, Florida. Let me tell you all about diving the wreck of the Spiegel Grove.
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What I Read On My Summer Vacation: 2017 Edition

added on 08.11.17

Looking for a vacation read? Here's what I read on my summer vacation.
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Landing a Plane While the Pilot is Passed Out

added on 08.07.17

Do you think you could pack a suitcase for your husband? Easy right? Now, could he pack one for you?
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added on 07.31.17

Normally I don't remember my dreams. But this one was a doozy, a reminder of a job I once had which was a nightmare I faced during the day.
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Enter to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

added on 07.24.17

What would you do with $50 at Amazon--where you can literally buy anything? Read and review Beside the Music on and enter to win $50. Contest ends November 30, 2017.
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It Must Be my Mediterranean Skin

added on 07.24.17

Driving around in a convertible has made my skin tan, only because I marinate in sunscreen before I leave the house. But being Polish must mean I tan easily, no?
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A Bloody Nose in Abu Dhabi

added on 07.17.17

I was waiting for Todd in a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, and he walked in with blood all over his face and down the front of his shirt. Whaaaa?
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My Fuzzy Little Time Bomb

added on 07.10.17

On Friday we just found out that Nemo, our beagle, has Cushing's Disease. I am not really sure what all that means yet, though.
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Let’s Talk About Love. True Love.

added on 07.03.17

There are many ways to express love, but let me tell you about the ultimate act of true love.
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Free Admission to Bird Theatre

added on 06.26.17

A former co-worker of mine had bought a bird feeder to entertain her cat from inside her apartment. She called it Bird Theatre, and the name stuck with me. Now I call the daily performance on my deck Bird Theatre. Free admission!
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How I Fixed a Sinking Ship

added on 06.12.17

Todd and I have restored 2 and a half sailboats together. It's our passion. Here is the story about how it all happened.
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My Top 6 Favorite Books About Cults

added on 06.05.17

I am obsessed with reading about cults. Here are my favorite memoirs and novels about life in cults.
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When Keith Met Tamsen

added on 05.14.17

Are you wondering how Keith met Tamsen? Sneak preview of Before the Music.
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And Now For Something Different: Fresh Water Diving

added on 05.08.17

We did some fresh water diving in a spring near Orlando, FL. No sharks, but crystal clear water. Still a worthwhile trip.
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Wait, What Did They Just Sing?

added on 05.01.17

Few things crack me up more than misheard song lyrics. Here are some of my favorites.
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My First Time: Scuba Diving

added on 04.24.17

My first time scuba diving had me wondering what the appeal was. Truthfully, I hated my first dive. And this feeling is actually quite common among new divers.
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If It Weren’t For Anna’s Mom, I Wouldn’t Exist

added on 04.17.17

Life really is a series of decisions that build up to who you are and where you are right now. My Mom had the choice to move to Massachusetts when she first came to the US. What if she hadn't?
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I Won’t Turn Into a Label Whore, But There Was That One Time

added on 04.10.17

I typically don't care about designer clothes. I can't relate to the women on Sex and the City, nor can I wear those crazy shoes they wear. But there have been times I've been a tiny bit of a label whore.
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Awesome Book Recommendation: Frozen Voices by Lynne Heinzmann

added on 04.03.17

I just read an awesome book, that took place right here in Rhode Island. If you like historical fiction, check out Frozen Voices by Lynne Heinzmann.
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Ich Bin Ein Rhode Islander

added on 03.27.17

I've lived in Rhode Island for almost 16 years. I've absorbed some of the local tics, here's why RI is unique and wonderful.
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BJ’s Top 10 Beach Read Picks for 2017

added on 03.20.17

Looking for something to read on vacation? Check out my top 10 for 2017. You will not be disappointed.
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2 Cool Things I Found While Geocaching

added on 03.13.17

Geocaching is pretty much the best activity ever. Here are some cool things I've found while participating in this awesome activity.
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Let’s Rent a Van and Go to Martha’s Vineyard

added on 03.08.17

My birthday adventure on Martha's Vineyard. There is no greater compliment than people who want to go on a trip with you for your birthday!
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Guardrail: A Song for My Mom

added on 03.05.17

My mom would have been 80 this year. Guardrail is a song I wrote for her the night she died. And I can barely sing it without crying still
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My Dirty Little Secrets: Shows That I am Obsessed With that I am Embarrassed to Watch

added on 03.03.17

Yes, I watch these shows. And yes, I am embarrassed as hell for it. To properly handle embarrassment, I will tackle it head on and admit it to you.
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My Date with the Supposed Australian Financier

added on 02.23.17

It's this story that makes the 42 year old me ask the 20 year old me, "Are you fricking insane?"
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How I Met My Husband

added on 02.20.17

This is the story of how I met my husband. Also, it's the story of how Brenda and Tim met in Beside the Music.
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I Used to Busk in Sydney

added on 02.16.17

When I was 20 I had purple hair and I used to play my guitar on the street for loose change.
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Meeting Authors Is Not As Hard As You Think

added on 02.13.17

You never know where you'll meet your next favorite author, it could be at the library in your town. After all, people like Jodi Piccoult and Stephen King live somewhere and get spotted at the supermarket... if I see you in the supermarket, I promise to smile and nod and not judge what's in your cart.
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How to Love an Author: Write a Review

added on 02.06.17

I didn't anticipate just how important reviews on Amazon are for my success as an author. Here's how it works, and why you should write a review as your ultimate expression of love for an author.
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Sneak Preview! Chapter 1: Before the Music

added on 02.01.17

Here is the first chapter of my new book, Before the Music
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Authors: How Do You Know What to Write?

added on 01.30.17

Do we go by what we think will sell, or what I want to write? How do I know if an idea is a good one or not?
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My Book List: In 2016 I Read 22,043 Pages

added on 01.26.17

I read a lot of pages in 2016. 22,043 to be exact. Here are my reading stats from the year.
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Day 5: Blue Lagoon and Departure

added on 01.23.17

Our last day in Iceland. We made the most of it by visiting the Blue Lagoon again on our way to the airport.
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Day 4 Tuesday December 20, 2016 Diving Silfra, Iceland

added on 01.16.17

On December 20th I went scuba diving between two tectonic plates in 32 degree water at Silfra Iceland. And I lived to tell you all about it.
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Day 3 Iceland Adventure: Reykjavik and Fontana

added on 01.09.17

On our third day in Iceland we bombed around Reykjavik and then headed for another geothermal hot spring. I have a new love affair with geothermal hot springs, and now I want to drill for one at our house.
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Day 2 Iceland Adventure-South Coast

added on 01.02.17

On the second day in Iceland we toured the South Coast. I literally asked the guide, 'What's the next spectacular thing you want to show us?"
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Day 1: Arrival in Iceland

added on 12.26.16

Todd and I were lucky enough to spend 5 days in Iceland. A land that's very difficult to describe succinctly. This is the first of a multi part blog series on our trip to Iceland.
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It’s Fra-GEE-Lay

added on 12.19.16

I am proud to announce that I am a winner of the Human Relations Indie Book Awards.
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That Time I Lost 17 Pounds

added on 12.12.16

Losing weight is hard, but it is possible. Here's how I lost 17 lbs.
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The Time I Got Stung by a Wasp on Christmas

added on 12.05.16

When I was 5 a wasp crawled up my leg and stung me on Christmas Eve. And then I got the best present ever.
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Spoiler Alert: I Actually Need a Spoiler

added on 11.28.16

What's next for me and my work as an author? A very good question.
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That Time the KKK Held a Rally in my Hometown

added on 11.21.16

Who would have thought that the KKK would hold a rally in little ol East Windsor, Connecticut. Well, it happened.
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My Top 6 Favorite Movies About Writing

added on 11.14.16

When I'm not writing, I like to watch movies about other people who are writing.
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The Grinch Who Stole Halloween

added on 10.31.16

"So, you want to go door to door begging for food?" Mom asked. Then I stomped my feet and told her that she didn't get Halloween. And then I wasn't really interested in Halloween either. Until now, as an adult.
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How an 80s Metal Band Ends Up Living with a Normal Couple

added on 10.24.16

People often tell me, "The story is interesting. But how does the band come to live at Brenda and Tim's house?" Good question. Let me tell you all about it.
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Where to Buy Beside the Music

added on 10.10.16

I get asked all the time, how do I buy your book. Here is a list of everywhere it is available for purchase.
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The Boy from Nebraska Without a Dragon Tattoo

added on 09.26.16

Sometimes I get facebook messages on my author page that say something like "Hey, didn't I meet you in Washington DC when we were 17?" This time it was true.
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How to Live Happy and Healthy Aboard a Sailboat

added on 09.19.16

This is how Todd and I made living aboard fun, healthy and happy.
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Behind the Curtain-Beside the Music

added on 09.12.16

I get asked all the time how I got the idea to write Beside the Music. Here's the inside scoop.
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The Most Epic Job Quitting Story Ever

added on 09.06.16

Have you ever fantasized about quitting your job on the spot. I did that once. And it was as epic as I hoped it would be.
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If This Bottle Could Talk

added on 08.22.16

We found a bottle in the mud underwater that dates back to 1907. If only it could talk and tell me what it's seen. And if only I could tell it what it missed.
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Spring Break, Summer Camp and Grad School All Rolled Up Into One

added on 08.15.16

Last summer? At writer's camp?
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My Night with Lindsey Stirling

added on 07.22.16

Imagine a red headed badass ballerina, with a violin tucked under her chin. Voila! Lindsey Stirling.
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Things I Hope Will Never Change

added on 07.08.16

My boyfriend brought me flowers at work for no reason. My boss' wife was so amazed that there was no occasion she literally said to me "Well, that will change." Well, it didn't change. And I hope it never will.
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The Life You Save Could Be Your Own

added on 06.27.16

It's a holiday weekend, folks. Increased traffic on the roads means more accidents. More accidents means a greater need
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When Millions of Caterpillars Invade, There’s Nowhere to Hide

added on 06.20.16

Here in Western RI we are inundated by a caterpillar infestation.
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Joy and Tears: A Brand New Kind of High School Graduates

added on 06.06.16

“Dude, I don’t even know these kids and I am crying,” I said to the woman seated behind me. It’s true. Last week I attended a high school graduation and I didn’t know a single one of the 53 kids who were graduating. But I cried my eyes out anyway
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Life After Toxic Waste

added on 05.09.16

I live within a mile of Rhode Island's most toxic sites. But yet I feel safe drinking my well water.
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An Honest to God Ghost Story

added on 05.02.16

My only interaction with the other side happened on a ghost tour of an ancient prison in Tasmania.
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Make Your Escape: My Top 10 Spectacular Beach Reads for 2016

added on 04.20.16

Summer is almost here. These are my top 10 picks for beach reads. Enjoy!
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My First Book Signing

added on 04.13.16

The book signing: how new authors know they're legit. Well, there wasn't a line out the door like we see in the movies. But I still had some decent traffic and signed a few books.
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That Time I Completely Freaked Out Over Footprints in the Snow

added on 04.06.16

On Monday some suspicious footprints in the snow circled my house and caused me to freak the hell out. Whose were they? Not mine. Not Todd's. Could it actually be a machete wielding man in a hockey mask?
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How Lobsters Relieved My Anxiety

added on 03.29.16

After freaking out on a scuba dive, it was the lobster that made me enjoy diving again.
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Well, How Did I Get Here?

added on 03.23.16

And you may ask yourself 'Well, how did I get here?" How I got published. First you hear a whole lotta no, and then you hear one little yes. And it's the loudest yes you ever heard.
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Learning to Fly

added on 03.17.16

My nephew just got his learner's permit. He's learning to fly like the rest of us. Take the long way home, Cayden.
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The Dice Have Spoken

added on 03.09.16

Let's get in a van, roll the dice to decide on direction and drive until we run out of gas.
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My Mom the Hippie

added on 03.02.16

I was in high school when I realized my Mom really was a hippie. Though not in the traditional sense.
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When Woodpeckers Attack

added on 02.24.16

BRRRRT! What's that noise? After $60 to the furnace repairman, we still didn't find out.
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How to Buy Nine Shirts for $23.52*

added on 02.19.16

Consignment stores rock! Here's how you can score big.
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Be My Valentine

added on 02.11.16

It's Valentine's Day, people. Not a big deal, right? One lousy Valentine's Day date changed my perspective on Valentine's Day forever.
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Life Inside an Underwater Burrito

added on 02.05.16

I stayed underwater for a consecutive 24 hours. Not a Guiness World Record, but still a record for me.
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Based On Actual Events that Never Happened

added on 01.27.16

Is Beside the Music based on a true story. No, I never had a metal band live in my house. But there is one thing that is true.
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The Seven Phases of Sleeping with a Beagle

added on 01.18.16

This is what it's really like to sleep with a beagle who fancies himself as an International Dog of Leisure
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